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Senior Geoscience Consultant - APAC

Founded in 2021, Venterra is at the forefront of the wind energy sector, offering comprehensive services to foster the development of wind energy across the globe. Our ethos is deeply rooted in sustainability, shaping who we are, our operations, and our aspirations to benefit our clients, society, and the environment. As a key ally to wind energy developers, we deliver end-to-end services for the entire lifespan of offshore wind assets.

With a commitment to driving the wind power sector's growth, Venterra aims to be the world's leading service provider by supporting the offshore wind industry's swift expansion and pivotal role in the energy transition. Our mission is to offer unparalleled engineering, construction, and operational services to wind energy developers worldwide. We achieve this by aligning with agile, technology-driven partners who share our entrepreneurial spirit.

As Venterra continues to expand, we are on the lookout for a Senior Geoscience Consultant to enhance our team. The selected candidate will be employed through Ordtek and will work from our Taipei City, Taiwan office.

Role Description: 

The Technical Delivery function at Venterra provides services encompassing phases 1-8 of our Risk Management and Mitigation strategy. Depending on the specific needs of our clients, we tailor a bespoke approach to ensure that our overarching risk mitigation strategy is met. This encompasses a wide range of services, from initial risk assessments and chart production to GIS mapping, detailed analysis of geophysical data, and the provision of on-site specialists to supervise risk mitigation measures and subsequent actions, culminating in the final ALARP certification.

The Senior UXO Consultant's role is pivotal in supporting our office in Taipei City. The main objective is to guarantee the effective delivery of Venterra's services and solutions, aiming to exceed client expectations and secure future business opportunities through innovative and client-focused approaches.

The ideal candidate will be highly self-motivated and capable of making informed decisions independently, once fully integrated within the team. This requires a deep understanding of the UXO sector, robust market research capabilities, and the ability to adhere to strategic directions set by the leadership team. Success in this role is also heavily reliant on exceptional skills in client and team management.

Key responsibilities will also include:

  • Represent Geoscience across the project portfolio, able to advise, educate and inform others within and outside the organization.
  • Devise budgets, strategies and plans to inform project teams about the Geoscience package and its relationship to projects from other departments.
  • Support the development of standard procedures, tools and deliverables to optimize the Geoscience team’s performance.
  • Support Venterra's presence in Taiwan, serving as the primary liaison for stakeholders such as clients, governmental bodies, and local professional groups. Collaborate with Venterra's leadership to devise and execute a strategic business plan aimed at fostering growth and meeting financial goals, aligning with the company's overarching ambitions.
  • Assist the operational facets of the Taiwan branch.
  • Offer guidance, mentorship, and support during the expansion of the office.
  • Uphold adherence to local laws and regulations by instituting and upholding stringent operational processes, safety measures, and risk management strategies, in collaboration with the UK and the rest of the world Operations Manager.
  • Cultivate significant relationships with principal clients, understanding their unique needs and customising Venterra's offerings and solutions to fulfil these demands, thereby building client confidence.
  • Engage in business development tasks, such as identifying new prospects, participating in industry events, and networking to enhance Venterra's visibility and market share in Taiwan.
  • Keep abreast of industry developments, regulatory shifts, and competitors' actions, offering strategic insights and suggestions to promote ongoing enhancement and innovation within the organisation.
  • Lead the planning and execution of projects with support from the UK and the rest of the world Operations Manager, demonstrating proficiency in managing projects of various sizes and types, ensuring delivery within budgetary and temporal limits.
  • Commit to ongoing specialist development to identify and address technical or procedural challenges.
  • Hone skills in creating and assessing documents, ensuring both internal and external documentation meets the requisite quality standards.

Desired Expertise: 

  • Experience with UXO.
  • Possess strong leadership qualities, with a skill for motivating and inspiring team members, driving performance excellence, and nurturing a cooperative workplace atmosphere.
  • Skilled in business development and strategic planning, with a client-centric approach. Proven track record in pinpointing and capitalising on new growth avenues.
  • Excellent oral and written communication abilities, ensuring clear and effective interaction with a wide array of stakeholders, such as clients, colleagues, and regulatory bodies.


  • A University Degree or Masters in geophysics, or related disciplines.

Additional requirements:

Candidates should also be highly organised and motivated individuals with effective communication skills, a good work ethic, and a commitment to technical excellence, personal efficiency, and career progression through Continued Professional Development. Own transport is essential due to the location of the office.

At Venterra:

At Venterra, we are committed to inclusion and diversity in everything we do. We take inclusion and diversity seriously. We know that getting this right is critical for us to live our organisation’s values. We are always trying to improve our way of working to be more inclusive and equal. We are an equal opportunity employer. Our vision is for Venterra to be a place where people of all ethnicities feel welcomed to work.

How to apply: 

Please email a copy of your CV to