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Mine Map Reveals “Explosive” Danger at Offshore Energy Sites

The location of unexploded mines and bombs around the UK coastline is revealed in a revolutionary online map designed to aid the developers of offshore energy projects like wind farms and cable laying.

The interactive risk map shares vital data about areas mined by the British and Germans during the wars, plus unexploded ordnance (UXO) from military armament training and munitions dumping. It also reveals previous UXO finds.

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Unexploded Ordnance Found on Rampion Offshore Wind Farm

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Two WWII 500lb unexploded bombs have been discovered during the inspection works on the site of Rampion offshore wind farm off the coast of Sussex.

The two 500lb high explosive bombs were found as part of the routine target inspection phase following on from the geophysical data interpretation and desk based research conducted by Ordtek.

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