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Ordtek 2023 Summary - A Year of Expansion

2023 has been another invigorating and successful year for Ordtek Limited, as we continue to raise the standards for the provision of independent Unexploded Ordnance (UXO), Munitions & Explosives of Concern (MEC), and Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) Risk Management.

Since inception over 12 years ago, our greatest success stories have come from the Ordtek legacy, to be the trusted independent partner to developers, and we have carried this legacy throughout 2023 building on the strength of existing client relationships and the onboarding of new clients worldwide, whilst ensuring our innovation projects directly support their aims and projects.

Growth & Onshore Capabilities

Being a member of the Venterra Group in 2023 has greatly supported us in this regard, as Ordtek has brought more likeminded and talented individuals to the team, providing us with more capabilities than ever before. In particular, we are delighted to have created a dedicated Onshore UXO team, in order to provide unparalleled service to land based projects. This has allowed us to have incredibly specialised teams for each project area, meaning we can provide exceptional service globally, regardless of the location or type of project.

Supporting our innovation plans, we've established a dedicated team of researchers and data archivists, resulting in the accelerated production of our comprehensive internal database. This database houses an intricate list of historical research data, comprising:

  • Maps.
  • Airfield plans.
  • Military Reports.
  • Bombing Records.
  • And more.

This integral tool gives us insight into areas which we've not worked in before, giving us the ability to provide the same standard of service no matter the location of the development.

Biggest Projects of 2023

By expanding the Ordtek team, and thus our capacity, we have been able to assist with over 150 different projects throughout 2023, for both onshore and offshore developments. This has resulted in thousands of geotechnical locations being ALARP certified, and many projects having been given the green light to proceed with production. Ordtek's expertise and reputation as the trusted independent partner for developers means we have supported some of the largest renewable energy projects globally.

RWE’s Thor Offshore Wind Farm

  • Located in the Danish North Sea.
  • 72 Wind Turbine Generators.
  • Planned capacity of 1GW.

SSE’s Dogger Bank C Offshore Wind Farm

  • Located 130km off the North-East coast of England.
  • 87 Wind Turbine Generators.
  • Planned capacity of 1.2GW.

Equinor’s Empire Wind

  • Located 15-30 miles south of Long Island.
  • Over 130 Wind Turbine Generators.
  • Capacity of 2.1GW.

We’re thrilled to have played a crucial role in the development of these colossal projects, among others, delivering UXO risk management and making sites safer for personnel and assets. We achieve this by applying Ordtek's 8 Phase Framework, providing bespoke support from the initial planning phase up until completion of the development and remain as a trusted advisor to our clients during their operations with our residual risk management service.

Our Sustainability Goal

Not only are we glad to have made working sites safer for personnel of such impressive developments, but we pride ourselves on contributing to the increase of renewable energy projects to help pave the way to a future of sustainability.

To continue our journey in assisting the world to be more sustainable, Ordtek joint with Venterra, are now members of various organisations who have our same goal in mind. These include companies such as; Global Under Water Hub, Renewable UK, Marine Renewables (Canada), and Marine Energy Wales, among several other organisations, allowing for increased collaboration between Ordtek and ambitious clients alike.

Our 2024 Vision

2024 will see us grow exponentially, increasing our technical and commercial teams, and embark on projects and frameworks around the world. In all that we do we will ensure the Ordtek values to LEAD SAFE and internal values of RISE UP are embedded, bringing out the very best in our teams and putting safety at the forefront of all our activities. Service excellence and customer satisfaction is central to our way of doing business, and these aims will be delivered through our innovation projects launching next year.

“Ultimately our mission is to ensure that the UXO risk is robustly managed, to reduce time, money, and resources, to make sure the core values which founded Ordtek over a decade ago remain at the heart of everything we do.” - Lee Gooderham, Managing Director.

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