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TenneT Selects Ordtek as UXO Consultant for Merkur Project

German transmission system operator TenneT has awarded UK company Ordtek Limited with a contract to provide consultancy and QA/QC services during unexploded ordnance (UXO) survey, identification and disposal works on the Merkur Project.

Ordtek will provide consultancy and QA/QC services for the UXO campaign on the Merkur project.

Merkur is an export cable route to connect the offshore substation on the Merkur offshore wind farm to the DolWin gamma platform. The investigation will commence offshore for two cables with the length of 12.3 kilometres each in water depths of up to 28 metres, according to TenneT

The Merkur offshore wind farm – owned by Merkur Offshore GmbH – covers a total area of 47 square kilometres and is located approximately 45 kilometres north of the island of Borkum.

It will consist of 66 GE Haliade 150-6MW wind turbine generators and will produce, when completed in 2019, about 1,750 GWh of electricity annually.


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