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Land-Based Projects

To support our clients in the early stages of a project’s lifecycle, Ordtek provides a range of desk based products designed to transparently and robustly establish the level of UXO risk and then, if required, succinctly outline a strategy to deal with the potential hazard. All services listed below are in line with the relevant best practice.

Desk-based UXO Risk Assessment

Ordtek consults pertinent datasets, including historical records of the area, and then compare findings against the criteria set out in the CIRIA guidance document and to discharge the Client’s obligation under the Health and Safety Act. This process allows Ordtek to determine whether a justifiable hazard from UXO exists.

Stage One - Preliminary UXO Risk Assessment

An initial screening where the UXO hazard is not known or the activity is deemed to have a small scale impact. Using key records from a number of sources Ordtek can accurately build up a history of hazards and their proximity to a project.

Stage Two - Detailed UXO Risk Assessment

Where there is a known UXO hazard, for example a legacy of bombing in the area or where the site is close to airfields, a detailed risk assessment is required. Within a detailed risk assessment, the risk is identified and assessed against the probability of encounter and consequence of detonation, taking into account the expected activities on site. Using pertinent records from a number of sources Ordtek can accurately build up a history of hazards and their proximity to a project.

Procedures are outlined on how the site-specific UXO risk can be reduced to ALARP across the whole lifecycle of the project and identifying any residual risks that may remain.

The risk mitigation section will advise a scope that is both relevant to the magnitude of work planned on site and proportionate to the cost to lower the risk.


Risk Mitigation Work Pre Development

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Geophysical Survey Technical Specification

Ensuring any geophysical surveys can detect the minimum UXO threat item identified in the mitigation strategy.

Geophysical Survey Management

Ordtek can procure a range of geophysical surveys to mitigate the UXO risk on site. The need for such a survey will depend on the risk level.

Geophysical Survey QA/QC Plans

Ordtek can specify the deliverables required from geophysical surveys in order to ensure the survey can detect the items specified and provide an auditable quality assurance trail.

UXO Target Grading and Modeling

An important stage of the process is to determine what is debris and what is UXO, this section discriminates potential UXO from background noise and debris.

GIS Mapping and Data Management

Ordtek hold all relevant project data in GIS databases for easy reference and access, backed up by our robust file management system, allowing Clients access to the files when required.


Risk Mitigation Work During Development

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Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Engineer Site Supervision

Ordtek can supply an EOD engineer to oversee site activities and ensure, should UXO be found, it is dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible.

UXO Safety and Awareness Briefings

To make all site staff aware of the risk of encountering UXO, Ordtek can provide UXO safety and awareness briefings.

UXO Recognition and Management Training

This package is in addition to the safety and awareness briefing and includes the training of a “UXO Coordinator” to supply further training to site workers (such as agency workers) who have missed the initial briefing.

24/7 On-call Service

Should the risk on site be deemed low/medium, enough to not warrant an EOD banksman but enough of a risk of encountering UXO, Ordtek can provide an on-call service during working hours for the duration of the intrusive works.

Incident Management on the Discovery of Suspicious Items

Ordtek can quickly and efficiently deal with UXO finds and get works up and running with minimal delay.