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About Us

Ordtek Limited provide unexploded ordnance risk management to both land and marine developments

Our proprietary approach to addressing unexploded ordnance (UXO) risk employs an intelligent blend of risk management and geoscience techniques to assess and mitigate the risks posed to development. Our intrinsic understanding of how UXO interacts with the natural and manmade environment is crucial to ensuring that this risk is managed pragmatically, safely and at best value to both land-based and maritime developments.

We are truly an independent organisation which is structured to ensure that our clients receive an unparalleled level of support and service. To meet these high standards we have successfully blended a number of core competencies. All personnel hold professional qualifications and accreditations to demonstrate this. Our strategy is to recruit the best people from both the military and commercial sectors.

Why use Ordtek:

  • Access to a wide range of personnel and techniques to mitigate all UXO risks.
  • Proficient at employing geophysical systems and handling the resultant datasets.
  • Located in a renewable energy business hub, to help share best practice in an evolving market.
  • 24hr technical support.
  • Strategic working relationships with others in the industry ensures we can call on specialist support when required.
  • Strong client focus designed to ensure the UXO risk is managed as effectively as possible.
  • Depth of experience and proven track record supporting construction and energy related projects.
  • A methodology and mindset that is aligned with all clients and supports organisations working on these complex projects.