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Vattenfall to Inspect for UXO on Danish Offshore Wind Farm Sites

This summer Vattenfall plan to survey three of its Danish offshore wind development; Kreigers Flak, Vesterhav Nord and Vesterhav Syd, inspecting the areas for unexploded ordnance (UXO).

The campaign will reduce the risk that unexploded bombs and mines from the First and Second World Wars pose to the construction activities of the wind farms.

Vattenfall's senior geophysicist, Dorthe Reng Erbs commented that “The work to find potential mines is currently out to tender, and we're hoping to be in a position to get going in August”.

Ordtek working with Vattenfall have highlighted a number of targets across the three projects which have the potential to be UXO for the inspection teams and Royal Danish Navy to confirm the origin of.

Working together previously on the Horns Rev 3 project Ordtek helped Vattenfall to identify three unexploded mines within the site, which were then disposed of by the Royal Danish Navy.

“We have found 22 targets at Vesterhav Syd, the same at Vesterhav Nord and 170 targets at Kriegers Flak. Additionally there were some large areas where the changes in the magnetic field gave rise to measurements that were unclear. Generally, you can expect one to five per cent of fields which have been highlighted to contain dangerous objects. But we often find other interesting things such as old anchors and perhaps old wrecks” Dorthe added.